River Ninja Coffee!
River Ninja Coffee!

River Ninja Coffee!

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Tanzanian Single-Origin, Ground Medium 12oz bag

Tanzania is an East African country that produces some of the most iconic, unique, sweet coffee crops known in specialty coffee. East African coffees are known to reflect fruity, naturally sweet, full-bodied coffees with complex flavor profiles. Donnell Rawlings’ River Ninja Coffee is grown on hectares between 1520 to 1680 meters above sea level, harvested, and wet-processed in the Mbinga District of South Tanzania, surrounded by other established coffee-growing regions like Mbeya and Ruvuma.

As of 2018, Tanzania coffee production is organized into distributed cooperatives called AMCOS (Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies), an organizational standard developed in 2018 to stabilize and expand Tanzania’s unique coffee export economy.

Tanzanian Single-Origin 12oz. Specialty Light Roast
  • Single-Origin, Direct-Trade (Farmer-Friendly)
  • Tanzania Mbinga Light Roast
  • Region: Mbinga District, South Tanzania
  • Harvested: Summer
  • Altitude: 1520 to 1680 meters above sea level (masl)
  • Process: Washed
  • Flavor Profile: Fruity Body with Blackberry, Cedar Notes, Touch of Caramel and Molasses Sweetness
  • Bright Finish, Not Bitter; Citric Acidity

12oz. ~24 Servings Bag of Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee


Small Batch Specialty Coffee